Thursday, February 01, 2007


VMWare Virtual Server Tips

VMWare Server Tips

Some of our clients will deploy VMWare Server initially or in conjunction with ESX VI3. Here are some tips I want to pass along.

Make sure that new systems do not have privacy permissions assigned to them.
Make sure that new systems operate under local system and not the user ID that powers up the system
Make sure that new systems are properly configured for startup/shut down procedures
Install the VMWare Server Console on your workstation reducing the need to access the host system desktop
Make sure to turn off Automatic Updates for the Windows Operating Systems hosting the Virtual Machines
If you create a new template server, perform the initial install in a VM with two virtual processors. Then drop it back down to one processor (if appropriate) before committing it to a template. This will allow the Multi Processor Kernel to be installed by default which will work for one or multi processor systems.

I'm not agree with your last item. If you speek about W2K3 i think it is suggested to create VM with one only VCPU. If you create the VM with 2VCPU, SMP HAL is loaded and if ypu came back to 1 VCPU SMP HAL is still running. SMP HAL is more slow against UP HAL and increase the Defferred Procedure Calls in certein condition.
I would like to exchange vmware information again,

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