Wednesday, May 31, 2006


ESX Server Partitions

Mount Point Type Recommended Size Notes
/boot ext3 100 MB Holds the boot kernel image.
swap swap 1 GB This is the swap partition for the Service Console only and NOT the swap file for the ESX Server software.
/ ext3 4 GB Holds the Service Console and VMware ESX Server kernel.
/vmimages ext3 10 GB+ Holds both ISO image files and Template Exported Virtual Disk images.
/home ext3 2 GB Holds the individual Virtual Machine configuration files.
/var ext3 4 GB Hold various VMWare logs
(none) vmkcore 102 MB Holds the core dump file for the VMkernel.
(none) vmfs2 Size of System Memory Dedicated VMFS2 partition for the VMKernal Swap file (VMWare has made recommendations for this swap file to remain on local disk when possible)
(none) vmfs2 Remaining Holds the disk files for the virtual machines. (This space could be rolled into the /vmimages for more storage if necessary or a place to export VMs)


Windows Media Server

When using a Wyse terminal to display video content delivered from a Windows 2003 Media Server, make sure that the content is set to not be cahced by the host device. This will prevent the device's buffer from overflowing and casuing the Wyse terminal to reboot.


Install ESX on 1855

If you need to install ESX 2.5.X on a Dell 1855 and have issues when the packages are to be loaded onto the system, try rebooting the system and not configuring the VMFS2 files sytems durring the configuration. This shuold allow the ESX server to install. You can configure the VMFS2 file systems after the machine is operational.

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